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SNAP Transactions

  1.  How do I perform a SNAP transaction?
  2.  Vendor Reimbursement

Participating farmers’ market vendors should feel comfortable handling SNAP transactions and working with SNAP customers. Vendors must receive SNAP training and agree to follow SNAP guidelines.

How do I perform a SNAP transaction?

If your market uses a POS machine, a SNAP transaction will work like this:

  • The POS machine is located at a central market location and is operated by a market manager or volunteer.
  • Customers visit the POS machine and decide how much they want to spend.
  • The customer is given tokens or scrip (paper tickets) for the amount they choose to spend.
  • The customer visits vendors and uses the tokens/scrip just like cash.
  • You CANNOT give change for SNAP tokens/scrip.
  • Collect your SNAP tokens/scrip for reimbursement with the market.

Vendor Reimbursement

It is up to Market Management to decide on the best means of reimbursement. Talk to your market manager for details on your reimbursement.

  • Markets that have the funds to do so may reimburse their vendors at the end of every market day.
  • Many markets may ask their vendors to collect tokens/scrip until a certain amount is reached before reimbursement.
  • Markets may reimburse with cash, check, or by crediting funds toward market fees.